Southwold, Suffolk

So the other day, Sam and I finally went to Southwold, a place everyone had been telling us to visit for ages – and it was well worth the wait!

To me it seemed like a cross between Burnham Market and Cromer. (I know that image is only relevant if you know those two places!) But basically it is up-market, cute shops on its high street combined with typical seaside shops and a wonderful pier.

It was such a delight walking around the cute town and browsing in the lovely shops. And something I completely forgot until I saw the shop was that Southwold created Adnams Beer – needless to say we had a lovely walk around the shop!


This is my favourite!

We were very hungry so straight away we made our way to find a pub, we arrived at 1pm so lots were full but we found a nice one right near the lighthouse called the Sole Bay Inn. We then needed pudding so made our way to the beach after spotting a Movenpick ice cream stand, I don’t know if any of you have had Movenpick, but in my opinion it is the BEST. EVER. ICE CREAM. – so we were very happy to find one!


With our delicious ice creams in hand we strolled towards the looming, long pier. It was a lovely walk past all the fantastic beach huts on your left, which all had brilliant names (my fav was Jabba the Hut), and the beautiful lapping sea on your right. The day we went was a moderately warm/overcast typical British day and I was imagining the place in the height of Summer and could easily see how packed it would get because the beach was just lovely. I couldn’t help but notice how clean it was, no rubbish in site, no washed up debris and a perfect mix of small stoney parts and pure, soft sand.

At the pier it was when it turned into the typical British seaside town, you had the pier show advertised, shops selling inflatables and buckets/spades and the good old fashioned chippy. But what made this pier stand out for me was the attention to detail, on the railings all around the pier were plaques from people who had visited Southwold with little comments. My favourite was: “This is the very spot were my Grandad spent his days fishing off the pier, we will love this place forever.”

Overall it was such a lovely day filled with little surprises I didn’t expect (mainly the ice cream) – and all on my doorstep! It has definitely spurned my desire to travel to more of the places in Norfolk/Suffolk.

A few tips:

  • Park at Caunsey/York Road car park – it’s free!
  • If you are travelling from Norwich and miss the roundabout to Southwold (like me), don’t worry, just carry on towards Lowestoft and then get the A12 back in the direction of Kessingland.

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  1. ldr13 says:

    I adore the seaside this one looks lovely. That is a really neat idea putting plaques of peoples memories along the pier 🙂


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