Gaywood River

When I think of places to visit and have a wander round in Norfolk, King’s Lynn isn’t one of them. It’s a place to do your shopping, maybe walk down by the docks, and that’s about it. But recently when I was there visiting my brother, we went for a walk and I went somewhere I never thought could be in Lynn!

It’s a little (but actually fairly big) reservoir which combines a forest walk, Gaywood River and a little path all the way to the hospital.

I started the venture at the end of Earsham Drive in Reffley, but if you Google Map it I’m sure you can start in other places.

It is truly one of those special hidden gems. It is a place of tranquil, beauty and escapism that I never, ever, thought existed in a place like King’s Lynn. It was just lovely, but words can only do so much, so here are the photos.

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