Walks in the sun

In this country it is known world-wide that sun isn’t a frequent visitor to the skies. So when it does pay us a visit, we all like to make the most of it. We dig out the sun cream, put our shoulders and knees on show and showcase our favourite pair of sunnies.

When I peak out from behind the curtains and see a glorious sunny day, for me I love nothing more than getting out and about and being ‘at one with nature’.

So that’s exactly what I did.

Just east of Norwich (where I live) there is a lovely part of the Norfolk Broads called Whitlingham where I watched the beautiful ducks swim on the water, walk around the edge and spot wildlife and relax in the café.

It’s a wonderful place to get away from the city and soak in nature, and even better when

it’s sunny! I am planning on heading back to the broad to do some canoeing or sailing as I love taking part in water sports. Whitlingham offers a huge variety as shown on their website.

After enjoying the sites of the broad we wanted to continue to soak in Norfolk’s nature so Sam suggested heading someone he had been at work – the marshes.

We drove past the broads towards a place called Ludham, a very cute little village, and took a turn towards the marshland. Little did we know that the turn Sam remembered from his trips to work was in fact the wrong one and we were at a dead end. But no trouble, we left the car there and walked along a beaten track within the marshes and looked at beautiful scenery all around.

Here was the walk we took (only a short one, but still lovely):

map of ludham

As we approached the car we saw about 15 cows all up against the gate wanting to say hello. I love meeting animals on my ventures out, especially ones I can steal a stroke from. I’d never stroked a cow before – now I have 🙂 (I think they liked me, Sam not so much!)

It was a lovely day spent in a place we’d been before (but only in the winter) and one we hadn’t. I always try to visit new places so it was great to do that again, and still just round the corner from where we live – always a bonus!

Tips from the day:

  1. If you head down the road we did to get to the marshes, it’s fine, but make sure you’re tyres are pumped up – it’s a bumpy ride!
  2. Take water with you, I know it’s a no brainer but when in the heat you forget how thirsty you become and walking around the broads somehow made me more thirsty…I wonder why!?
  3. Approach the cows carefully, they got a bit startled but eased up when we were quiet and careful.