A trip down memory lane.

This will be a very nostalgic post for I will be taking a long trip down memory lane to my favourite holidays I went on as a child.

I have always praised my parents for sparking my travel bug by taking me all over the country (well, mainly the south) on these brilliant little camping trips. We would spend whole summer holidays in various campsites, perusing the glorious beaches and sampling many a play area.

I instructed my parents with the task of digging out some photos from the following places so I could show you all the journey of my childhood, enjoy!


I’ll start with Trebarwith Strand in Cornwall. I spent many holidays down the south coast riding the waves (as you can see), exploring the rock pools and eating fish and chips on the beach. If I remember rightly we always used to eat in the Port William which sat on top of the cliffs and I have very fond memories of looking out over the magnificent view – something I appreciated even at a young age.


I have been to many cathedrals/castles while on family holidays, but one that stood out for me was Salisbury Cathedral and is one that I remember very well. We also stayed in a campsite just down the road and took the walk up to the Old Sarum remains. On that same holiday (I think) we went to this airfield to go up in a plane that looked all over Salisbury and our campsite – needless to say it was very cool and something I will never forget!


Another place I have fond memories – well one particular memory – is in Lynton and Lynmouth which is in Devon. I remember very well taking many trips on the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway which as you can see is a very steep journey connecting the town (Lynton) to the village (Lynmouth) below – a very awesome way to get to it!

Lynton and Lynmouth

A bit further on from Lynmouth is a place called Watersmeet. This is a nifty little bit of water where East Lyn River literally meets with Hoaroak Water. We visited here many times and there is nothing better as a kid than getting in your swimming cossie, standing on a rock and diving into a tranquil, freshwater pool.

I also have to pop in a special mention to a little bay we stumbled across in Devon called Lee Bay. It was every bit as picturesque as what you see advertising Devon. With numerous rock pools to browse in, cool cliffs to climb along and the perfect sea to dive in, what more could you love! (apart from the jellyfish that stung my brother)


And finally we come to the last place that I want to show you. This place is special because me, Sam, mum and dad, my brother, his girlfriend, their daughter and our dog (phew!) will all be going back here in September.

We will be staying in a place called Dewlish which is not far from Dorchester, in Dorset. My parents have been telling (reminding) me of all the places we visited in the past. These include the Teddy Bear Museum, Monkey World, Weymouth, Poole, Portsmouth and the fantastic beaches of Lulworth Cove and Durdledoor (pictures below).

I hope to take Sam to some of these places and show him all the fabulous places I went as a kid which really sparked my interest to travel.

Lulworth CoveDurdledoor

I hope you enjoyed travelling back in time with me! Look out for some up-to-date photos of Dorset in September!


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  1. Paul Johnston says:

    Great blog Haylz, but being you dad I am biased. Although I have traveled to numerous places in Europe, this blog shows how beautiful our own island is, something we sadly tend to overlook, in search of the sun. I am really looking forward to our family holiday in September.


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