Norwich Autumn walk.

I’m gonna start by saying that I am a Spring/Summer person. I love the warm weather and am one of those people that does well in blistering heat.

However, being the positive person I am, I have decided to embrace Autumn in all its glory.

I do have a soft spot for the new shades on the trees, I love the weather when it’s a blue sky, a bit chilly but fresh in the air and despite not liking driving home from work in the dark I do get treated to a lovely sunset.

This weekend I made a special effort to walk around my fine city and soak up the Autumnal feels.

My mum joined me and Sam and we started with some shopping, went for a pizza and then made for the river. If you ever want to go on a walk in Norwich then the river is the place to go. Each part is different and holds a beautiful piece of history.

We started at the Jarrold bridge and walked along the river all the way to Elm Hill before heading back into the city.




Some of the lovely things you can see on this walk all show a little part of Norwich’s history. The Jarrold bridge is right by the Adam and Eve pub which is the oldest public house in the city and allegedly the most haunted (ooh).

Down from the bridge is the John Jarrold printing museum which at the moment is covered by weeping willows but normally you can read a plaque on the building telling you about it. Down further are some gorgeous modern flats (which is normal on the river) but on the other side are a row of old terrace houses all in vibrant colours, that’s my favourite place.

After our walk in the city we popped over to Eaton Park to soak up some more of the Autumnal goodness. The park is right near my house and it’s a great place to go to escape from the city.

It has a glorious boating lake, a great bandstand and some lovely wooded walks. We took advantage of the season to spot some more orange trees.





We picked a good day for the walk and I have to say it has created a slight soft spot for Autumn. I’ve even dyed my hair for the season.


Here was our walk: