Norwich at Christmas time!

Okay, so Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love the lights, the songs, the smell of Christmas trees and giving and receiving presents (obviously!).

My lovely city of Norwich has lovely lights up this time of year, nothing too garish and just the right amount of light πŸ™‚

As my house is on the corner of two roads, I drape my plants/trees outside my house with Christmas lights, Β it seemed fitting to stand out! Then inside I have fairy lights go from the top of my stairs all the way to around my whole dining room. I also have the tree in my bay window, a menora and many, many candles!

Take a virtual walk down Norwich and gaze at the lights…


My favourite decorations are those on the Jarrold building and down the Grand Arcade. So elegant and classy, and pretty, of course, and with Christmas trees. Wit woo.

Aaand, an added addition this year in Norwich was the Tunnel of Light..oooh!

It is a 45 meter long, 4 meter high and 6 meter wide tunnel made from 50,000 LED lights which reflect the patterns and colours of the Northern Lights. It’s very cool to stand under it and see it change colour! It’s pretty gimmicky and full of people taking selfies, but when you’re under it, the spirit of Christmas takes over and you can’t help but join in!

Isn’t it beautiful!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has a fab New Year!