What to take on a city break.

My first city break abroad was in Amsterdam. It was a fab 4 days in a wonderful city and I had an awesome time. But, before I went I wondered exactly what I needed to take, and what I needed to take with me everyday.

As we all know, Amsterdam is just like England so it could rain, snow, be windy and sunny all in the same day (well, sort of, I went in August) so, I was particularly eager to make sure I prepared for all.


  1. Pack-a-mac
  2. Umbrella (I really don’t like the rain!)
  3. Polaroid camera
  4. Headache tablets
  5. Money
  6. City guide
  7. Notepad – to note down important things for this blog πŸ˜€

(and obviously my phone, but that took this photo)

Oh, we stayed in the Student Hotel which on our arrival greeted us with an ice lolly and a map of Amsterdam. And then in the room, just in case you forgot, were some free condoms. Well, it was Amsterdam.

These were all essentials for me because on a city break you walk a lot and you don’t want to get lost, I was super conscious of the weather so wanted to be prepared and also know that I get headaches quite easily. The camera is a given, it was super awesome using Sam’s Polaroid camera for instant snaps, and the note book is for me to note down all the fab places I went so I remember to go back to them (and it has to be a Harry Potter notepad!)