Top 5 places I’ve visited abroad…so far.

I have been very fortunate enough to travel quite a bit, whether that be with family, friends, part of school or with Sam.

Each place I have been to has been perfect, it opened me up to new cultures, new foods and what’s more, lots of sightseeing. It was hard thinking of a list* of my top favs, but I did it!

*these aren’t in any order

Lindau, Germany

Um, I seem to have lost my photos of going to Germany, so thank Google for this.


I went to Lindau on a German exchange in year 9. I stayed with a lovely girl called Vé and her mother in their flat. I was so terrified because I knew I had to speak the language (that was the whole point) and I didn’t know as much as I thought.

But I didn’t need to worry because everyone in her family was fluent in English, and they helped to teach me some German while there! Lindau is in south Germany and right on Lake Constance which is practically like an ocean and borders Austria and Switzerland.

I had such an amazing time spending time in Lindau (and it’s island), perusing around Munich and visiting both Austria and Switzerland. But one time that stands out for me is when we went to the Lake, just me, Vé and her mum. Me and Vé were swimming in the Lake and she was teaching me German, she would point at objects and get me to say them in German – I still remember Duck which is Ente.

Dordogne, France


In 2008 my dad drove us to the south of France to go camping. We spent two weeks in France, and one of those was by the side of the Dordogne River.

I have such fond memories of walking around the French countryside and finding a field of sunflowers, stumbling upon a huge shop/warehouse selling these gorgeous crystals and gemstones and walking to the top of a very steep hill of which stood a castle.

I love camping and went all over England as a kid, so doing it in a hot country with a swimming pool which from it you could see a castle was pretty epic. You can see why this is on my list!

Sorrento, Italy


You only have to read my first blog post to know why this was one of my favourite places. Italy stole my heart 13 years ago and then going with my fiancé (who also stole my heart) just made it all the more perfect.

I don’t really need to say anymore!

Roccatederighi, Italy

My parents computer died and wiped loads of photos, including those from Rocca, so again, another photo from Google.


We spent 2 amazing weeks here in a rustic, Tuscan town stood on top of a huge hill for my mum’s 40th birthday. Me and my brother loved exploring the narrow streets, stumbling across churches and roly-polying down the long grass.

This was a huge reminder of my first holiday to Italy because, like Boveglio, this was not home to many tourists and we spent our trip renting a house (which had an amazing view!) and living like Italians for 2 weeks.

This was also on the holiday where we went to Chiusi, San Quirico and Montalcino – all amazing places with amazing food.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


I’ve also recently done a blog post about this, so you’ll know why I love it.

This made the list mainly because of how diverse this place is and how you can literally be whoever you want to be and still be accepted. Nothing is out of the ordinary in Amsterdam, you just roll with it. And I love it for that.

You will notice that these places are all in Europe – I have never ventured out of it. My next huge holiday will be to New York for our honeymoon and the after that I really hope to conquer Asia.

God I just love our planet and the infinite number of places we get to visit! 🙂