Eaton Park Café.

It was a crisp Sunday morning and me and Sam fancied a walk so we went to have a wander around our local Eaton Park.

I love Eaton Park because it has a cute little boating lake, lovely walks, a sweet little railway and the magnificent bandstand.

This time we stumbled across the café we always knew was there and grabbed a bacon sandwich and a hot chocolate.


Not only was the bacon crispy, but the bun was also toasted and it was amazing. best bacon butty I’ve had in ages.

Hot chocolate was pretty good too.


Couple of things:

  • dogs are welcome
  • there’s gluten free and veggie things on the menu
  • you can have an amazing roast duck
  • free water for dogs and people
  • the cakes looked amazing

It was a lovely little café and a nice thing to stumble across on a midday Sunday walk. It was also lovely to spend time in the park again. #sundaygoals