Farmyard, St Benedicts.

I always go out for a meal for my birthday, and this year I wanted to make a point of going somewhere I hadn’t been before. And since talking to people I have realised that’s A LOT of places in Norwich!

We were walking down one of my favourite roads (St Benedicts) and stopped mid walk to look at a menu for a new restaurant we noticed. The food sounded amazing, plenty of choice and lots of meat – just what we like.

Farmyard (that has only been open for 6 weeks) offers some lovely dishes which quite literally you’d associate with a farm. It’s modern menu allows you to create your own dish with a choice of main and then many mouth-watering extras to choose from.

These were our fab choices:





Farmyard chocolate bar, Columbian 65%, salted caramel, peanut


I literally couldn’t fault the food. The gravy that was in my pie was to die for, I even asked the waitress what was in it (she didn’t know though, boo) and that chocolate bar was delicious – Sam and I had bets as to whether it was literally a chocolate bar, like a KitKat on a plate or something.

The restaurant itself has a really cool vibe, modern furnishings but with funky copper wire lights and a huge, vibrant mural on one of the walls. It was a good sized place, nice spaced out tables and a kitchen you could see into, which I always love.

A couple of bad points (but not even really that bad); it was nice being able to choose your own extras but they obviously cost and if you want to have a decent plate of food you needed two sides which were about £4 each :/ The ‘organic leaves’ were probably just 1/4 of a bag of salad leaves from Tesco, nice but not £3.

These are just worth noting:

  • there’s very little for vegetarians
  • you will have to google a lot of the menu, for example I had labnah and dukkah and had to google what they were. I know you can ask the waiters but it just delays it if you get told what they are and don’t like it and have to go back to square one
  • if you say it’s your birthday you get a free glass of champagne (pity I don’t drink it!)

Overall rating: 4.5/5