Harry Potter’s London

I think I may have mentioned that I like Harry Potter…

In case you missed it, I really am quite a nerd for it, I’ve seen the films countless times, read the books equal amounts and have gathered quite a collection (some may say shrine) of things. Oh and I also have a tattoo… so yeah, big fan.

Anyway, for the third time I trekked off to the Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio Tour, this time with my mum.


As per, the tour was amazing, I had last been 2 years previous and in that time they had added quite a lot, which I was very impressed about. Obviously they added the Forbidden Forest (which is the reason I need to return), they added a table near Hagrids hut which was designed to be ‘forced perspective’ so the person at the front looked huge (like Hagrid), near the Quidditch bit there was the chance to ‘summon’ a broom by saying ‘up!’ (I loved that), there were loads more costumes out on display, like Slughorn’s dressing gown, and….THEY OPENED PRIVET DRIVE!

Here are some geeky photos.

It was sooooo good! The best moment though:

We were in the room with all the wands, just before the gift shop. The man working there challenged me to name an actor he couldn’t find in the wand room. I said Rhys Ifans, and he found it straight away. My mum then let slip that I was a huge fan (thanks mum) and he started to challenge me to see what I could tell him about the actors. After getting all the questions right (oh yeah), we then talked some more about the films, how the books are better and generally about how amazing HP is. He then reached behind his ‘station’ and pulled out a bag, he said not to show any of the children, because what he gave me was one of the ACTUAL letters used in the first film in the scene where they all come out of the chimney. I was beside myself. It just made the whole day even more amazing, and I can’t thank him enough! 

We finished the tour at about half 6 and we had one of those crystalising moments that due to the long journey to get to the tour and back, being on our feet for nearly 4 hours and generally being tired, we decided it was best to have a quick meal at the Travelodge restaurant and back to bed *insert laughing emoji*.

Day 2!

We kicked off the second day by having a delicious breakfast at a café on Drury Lane called, funnily enough, Drury 188-189. We both had eggs, mine scrambled, mum’s poached, both tasted great.


Next stop – shopping! We made our way to Oxford Circus on the tube and our first stop was of course Hamleys, on the top floor. Why the top floor? Well, it’s only filled with Harry Potter stuff! (same stuff as the tour but cheaper)

My haul included (some stuff came from the tour):

  • A Hufflepuff flag
  • Two cute postcards
  • A pymgy puff keyring
  • Newt Scamander’s briefcase keyring
  • A quill pen
  • A greetings card with a picture of Voldermort that says “you’re my number 1 Horcrux”
  • A mini cauldron
  • A figurine of Fawkes the Phoenix

After perusing around the shops, the next stop was for cocktails! But these weren’t just any cocktails, oh no, I had ALCOHOLIC BUTTER BEER! This was found at a bar called the Blind Pig in Soho, and it wasn’t easy to find, I’ll tell you that! We found exactly where it was on the street, expect we could only see a restaurant called Social Housing… nearly defeated, my mum saw a door to the right of the restaurant with a metal bust of a pig…so, we hesitantly pushed the door open, walked down the dimly lit corridor and found some stairs, we figured we’d go up and sure enough a man was there to greet us who confirmed it was indeed the Blind Pig!


For something that had scotch, beer, butterscotch, thyme and egg whites in, it was surprisingly very good! There was a whole book of different cocktails all based on different children’s books – you had Chronicle’s of Narnia, Peter Pan and of course Harry Potter 🙂


Next it was time for lunch, and for this we went back to Covent Garden, down in Neals Yard, to a place called Home Slice. If you’ve never been there before…you need to!

One pizza cost £20 and it’s literally the size of the table. You get to choose from two toppings to have a half and half pizza, we chose pork belly with crackling and veg on one half and rocket, salami and Parmesan on the other – delish!!


I’d definitely recommend everyone to go there!

After eating our body weight in pizza, we walked around the Covent Garden market, one of my favourite places in London, and then made our way back to the train station.

So there you have it, the story of when my mum and I went to London to do all things Harry Potter and eat great food! It was bloody brilliant – as Ron would say. 


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