London – again!

(Can you tell I love London?)

So once again, off to London I trekked, this time with Sam in tow. We wanted this trip to be where we only did new things, and that’s exactly what we did.

We were there for 3 days, and boy were they jam packed!

Day 1

I had such brilliant plans. We arrived in London about 1pm and I planned to get the major girlfriend points and go watch the Liverpool game that was on at one of the supposed ‘Liverpool football pubs’ in London.

We got to what we thought was the pub, we were stood outside where it was meant to be and zoomed in further on Google Maps only to read that it was permanently closed! *face palm* – time for a plan B! We decided to walk from where we were (I think Temple at this point) to our hotel in Covent Garden. It was a nice walk, we walked past Somerset House and The Waldorf Hotel.

Here is a photo of us on that walk 🙂


We checked into our hotel, nice Travelodge, simple, and then headed out again for the next part of our plan which was to take Sam to the same pizza place (Home Slice) I went with my mum in the last post. He LOVED it, I mean who wouldn’t?!

We also went to M and M world afterwards for pudding…… 😀

Day 2

BRICK LANE – my favourite part of the trip.

I had been here before, but never on a Sunday morning. Everyone must go on a Sunday morning. There was stalls of clothes and food everywhere, the old brewery was open to tonnes of local artists showcasing their work, huge buildings housed food from all over the world. It was beautiful.

We started off right near the end of Brick Lane walking the long walk past all the wonderful stands, for one reason – Cereal Killer Café. I was finally going to have breakfast in the best place ever. The place was sooo cool, it was like going back into the 90s. Downstairs you could actually sit on single beds, there were old school box TVs showing classic old shows and all around the room were posters and memorabilia from things like Friends, Hey Arnold and Clueless!

After here we decided that we’d walk back through all the stalls and head off towards another part I had planned, promising that we’d return to Brick Lane to get some tasty lunch!

We got the tube to Barbican where I was told on a Sunday the botanical gardens were open, so I thought that would be worth a look, and something we had never done. We arrived at the Barbican, and the one day out of the whole year we chose to go, the gardens were closed for a private event…. *second face palm*

So we decided not to get the tube but walk to our next destination which was rooftop cocktails. WIN. Our rooftop also just happened to be at the top of a swanky shopping centre (One New Change) that stood right. next. to St Pauls Cathedral. SECOND WIN. Look at these…

I was very aware that I was sipping a £12 cocktail, next to St Pauls, and wearing all Primark.

By this point we were getting very hungry and decided it was time to head back to Brick Lane, we needed to sample that amazing market food!

We stopped at a stall called Pigling Street and had a ‘Pork Box’ which was just fab. We sat on the pavement to eat our glorious food and thought about how in London you can go from drinking fancy cocktails in a fancy bar to then eating top notch street food on the side of a bustling market street in the East End. Truly awesome.



We wandered around the markets and picked up some wonderful things from various sellers. One was a print from a french designer who had moved to the east end a few years ago and started designing based on what he saw around him. We have this 🙂


Later that evening we ventured to something we actually pre-booked for our trip to London. I’d always seen those outdoor cinemas screens and wanted to go to one…so we did. And a pretty awesome one at that!

It was at Stratford, just the other side of the Westfield Shopping Centre at a place called Roof East. It was suuuper cool up there, there was a large bar with deck chairs to sit on, random old cars with plants in and then at the back….a cinema.

We sat on a giant deck chair, or what they called a Love Seat (ha), in the rain, with a beer watching Dead Poets Society. It was a pretty cool experience watching a film outside, but I reaaally wish it hadn’t rained, as we just couldn’t stay til the end, we were freezing!


We made our way back the along the tube to our hotel, but not before stopping to look at the Olympic park. (I’d never seen it before)

Day 3

Our last day in London, and still many more plans to be had!

The first stop was in Notting Hill and Portobello Road, I had been told by a few people to check out the market and all the vintage shops and so wanted to see what the fuss was all about.


I thought the colourful houses were really pretty, and the place was really vibrant with the stands and shops – but I have to say I prefer Brick Lane. Also the stuff in the vintage shops were cool, but gosh I couldn’t afford anything in them!

Oh, but guess what we did find…


Hugh Grant didn’t let us in 😦

Right, next on the list was to head back on the tube to Paddington Station for the next part of our journey. While at the station, Sam couldn’t resist going to find the Paddington Bear statue and get a photo – it was his childhood fav!

So then, we left the station and started our walk all along a river/canal that runs past the station. I think it’s called the Paddington Basin. I had looked into a little place called Little Venice where you can see loads of canal boats and beautiful scenery, and you can walk to it from Paddington Station.

It was very pretty 🙂

We then carried on along the canal/river (I have no idea what it’s classed as) aaaaall the way to Baker Street. It took a long time. Like, a long time.

And then that was the final part of the journey, going to see 221B Baker Street 😀

We love Sherlock, so we had to go see the famous door (another famous door hehe) and have a look in the little museum they have there – it was really cool.


After doing this, we are both knackered from lots of walking, and so then we had a proper pub lunch right near Baker Street.

And…..that brings me to the end of our 3 days in London! It was such an awesome trip, what I loved most (apart from spending it with my guy) was all the new things we did! When I go to London I always like to try new things, and I’m so glad that we stuck to it and only did new things.

What I would recommend the most:

  • Brick Lane on a Sunday – food, markets, amazing vibe and people.
  • One New Change – amazing views!
  • Roof East – mainly cause I’d never done anything like that at all!
  • Little Venice – you really don’t think you are in London, and that’s hard to do!


Thanks for reading! Byeeeeee!