A different kind of post…

Hey! So this is me, loving life on Cromer beach.


I’ve struggled quite a bit with loving my appearance, and I’m not really what you would call confident. I am a heck of a lot better than I was, and gradually, with the help of my parents, friends and husband, I can see the beauty in myself. I also had enough confidence to stand up and do a speech recently at my wedding.

I posted this photo on my Instagram recently with this caption:

“I’m finally, well and truly learning to embrace who I am. I now look at myself and instead of pick out the negative things, like my thick thighs and apparent missing top lip when I smile, I find the positive ones, like my eyes and lashes, small waist and my personality. I’ve constantly battled with trying to love myself, some days are good and some aren’t, just like everyone. And for the first time in a long time I’ve had so many good days. I’m fully embracing this at the moment. I typically care way too much what people think about me, about my appearance, and I think I’m truly on the right road to stopping that.”

I received a lot of great support from it, and it encouraged me to put myself out there in ways I haven’t done before, to spread the love and positivity and practice mindfulness.

So that’s what I’ve added to this blog, a tab aptly called ‘not travel’ where I will post all things related to the above πŸ™‚


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