After our wedding we wanted to go on a little city break, instead of just lounging about the house, you know me, I love to see the world! So we booked a little trip across the channel to Paris!

Where we stayed

We stayed at the Moulin Plaza in the Montemarte area, right near the Moulin Rouge.

It was a good enough hotel, it did what it had to do. We booked quite late so could only really afford 3 stars. But, we literally used the room to sleep and get ready, so it didn’t really matter, plus actually, we had a great night sleep each night, really comfy bed!

And the area was PERFECT! Right near the metro for ease to get places, and Montemarte is lovely, a really cool chill vibe and right on top of that is a beautiful cathedral called the Sacre Coeur. (below)


Quick note: if you choose to stay at this particular hotel, they take your key card each time you go out and then you just say your room number when you come back. It’s just a safety thing, but just a heads up!

Day 1

We stayed in London the night before to get the train super early Saturday morning. Our train was meant to be at 6:18am but it was delayed an hour, boo.

After we arrived we decided we would walk all the way to the Eiffel Tower to get tickets for another day, so we pre-book essentially. We knew it was going to be a long walk, but we were in no rush and that way we would get to see other things.

Like this huge palace..


It was about here we were getting pretty hungry, so we stopped off at this little café. This was a bit of an unfortunate experience as the waiter we had was very rude, and the food wasn’t great. I think this impacted us a bit more than normal because we were so tired, we’d walked a lot already and it was the first interaction we had with anyone.

We finally got to the Louvre and it was wonderful, and we could see the Eiffel Tower peaking out in the distance, which was really cool! We stopped to take a few photos and then started the walk to the Eiffel Tower.

Note: it’s a lot further away than it looks!!! (45 minutes to be exact)

But pretty cool:


So at this point we were knackered, we’d walked for ages, it had started to rain and we were a little bit done! We found the massive cue, but it looked more like a cue to get your bags checked, no tickets. We asked a security guard (as there was no-one else), who was also rude, and he just confirmed it was a queue, not necessarily what for!

We decided to just get tickets on the day we wanted to go, no point in queuing twice!

So now to figure out how to get to the hotel… it was a long walk ( no way we were doing that). I knew about the metro, I had been told it was easy, but I could see that the line we were nearest wasn’t the line near our hotel and I was a bit scared about changing.

Cue another walk to the nearest stop on the line we needed, which just so happen to be the Arc De Triomphe!


So that was pretty cool.

As soon as we got on the metro (which I can confirm is VERY easy) we were so much more chill. WE WERE SITTING DOWN. YAY!

After we got to the hotel and chilled for a bit, I looked in our Lonely Planet guide book and it recommended a great restaurant right down the road from our hotel. It was called Le Garde Temps and it was amazing. You can read my full review here

We then went for a little walk around the area, which by the way, is the red light district (!) and it was so nice. The whole vibe is so our scene and we felt comfortable, we even sussed out a restaurant for another night 🙂

Day 2

We had more of a plan for day 2, and as it was forecast rain (and boy did it!) we decided to do some church and museum visits!

So, off we hopped on the metro to the Notre Dame is for our first stop.


It’s a stunning building! As you can see by the clouds in the photo, it was going to rain very soon! So we joined the queue to get in (the queue was just for bag checking).

We went on a Sunday, I read in our book that the first Sunday of the month it was free…but we went on the 23rd…and it was still free! So maybe it’s just Sunday?

It was stunning inside, as you can see!

We bought a sandwich from a café and sat and ate it round the other side of the cathedral, which was equally as spectacular, mainly because it’s got a huge spire thing!


After here we went for a walk around the island it’s on, and the one next to it. We may have found a cute little patisserie shop, and may have bought some biscuits..

Here’s the shop we bought them from, I mean who wouldn’t be tempted to go in!


After there we walked to the Louvre, which we double double checked wasn’t too far, but this was when the heavens opened, and I mean opened! But we got there, and luckily the rain stopped in time for us to stand in the long queue (again, just for a bag search).


Fact about the Louvre: if you are aged 25 or under, and can prove it, you get in for free! (I did, Sam didn’t, haha)

Okay, so I appreciate art, but at the same time don’t care all that much about it. You’re probably asking why I bothered going, well it’s an experience, and we got to see this girl…


Still don’t totally get what the fuss is about, but hey haha!

We also copied the art..

Because we’re cool.

After the Louvre we got the metro back to our hotel where we chilled again before heading out for food at a restaurant we had sussed out the night before. Such a chill, cool vibe and it was lovely.

Then we went for a nighttime walk to find the Sacre Coeur. And boy did we find it, 270 steps up later! But it was very worth it! The view at night was immense, the photos don’t do it justice at all!


The perfect end to a lovely day.

Day 3

The main thing on the last day was…THE EIFFEL TOWER! We left our hotel late morning and headed straight there on the metro. We had our little suitcase with us, but thankfully this proved not to be a problem (I was worried the whole time queuing that it would be!).

Okay, so…you first queue to get your bag checked, then you queue to buy your tickets from one of four queues (depending on if you want the lift or not), this queue takes particularly long because you get your bag checked again, and you then are waiting for the lift to come down.

We arrived at the second floor first to look around, and oh wow, I was already impressed by the views!! We picked a fab day, so thankfully we could see everything!


Onwards to the top floor, woa crazy high! But very awesome 😀

Here’s us on the top!


We then went and did those typical photos in the green outside the tower…


Well not completely typical haha!

After here we headed back to the Louvre area to have some lunch. Why here you ask? Well, after lunch we knew we were going to head somewhere specific for some tasty patisserie. An amazing café called Angelina’s.

We bought some goodies for the train home. Yuuuuum

Afterwards we had planned to head to this huge shopping centre called Galleries Lafeytte because I was told you could go up on the roof and see a cool view of the city. We got there and literally all the shops were designer brands and the place was so confusing to navigate! Sam wanted to find a Paris Saint Germain shop (because he’s football mad) and I googled that there was one in the shopping centre.

After what felt like ages we found it and he bought some shorts. We were pretty knackered after this so decided not to bother finding the roof!


All in all it was a lovely time had. I would sum up Paris with this:

“It’s one of the places where as I was leaving on the train, I can say to myself yes I’ve done it, I’ve ticked it off the list, I’ve seen the sights, but that’s it, all done, I won’t rush back.”

It had a weird vibe to me, I was very aware of my bag the whole time and I couldn’t help thinking that it was a lot like London, except French, a lot busier, a bit dirtier and has the Eiffel Tower.

Here are some notes on Paris:

– The street crossings are a bit confusing, it looks like a zebra crossing everywhere but it’s not..
– The metro is very easy! It’s €1,90 for one trip, no matter what line, where you go, or how many changes. You just look for the colour/number line you need and the destination you want and it’s just like the tube
– There are those dodgy sellers everywhere, and I mean everywhere
– The Louvre is massive and confusing and you will get lost inside



2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. ldr13 says:

    Sounds like an amazing trip that church is really beautiful especially in your night photos. I’ve been so wanting to see Paris since I moved to the UK 3 years ago and now we are near the channel this might be the year 🙂


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