Hello! I’m Hayley from Norwich, in Norfolk, and I love everything about travelling.

I love nothing more than soaking in the culture, finding hidden gems and exploring every inch of towns, cities and villages all over the world.

It all started from a young age when my parents took me and my brother camping all over England and then aged 11 we went on our first trip abroad to Italy. I have made bucket list after bucket list of places I want to visit, and vow to visit them all.

This blog is going to show you all where I visit, what I do and where to find some of those hidden treasures. You are probably thinking; “why is this any different to another travel blog?” – well I am going to show you places to go on a budget, those free beauty spots that people don’t know about and restaurants that don’t cost you a bomb.

I will also focus on those amazing areas in our own wonderful country. Don’t get me wrong, my trips to Italy will have a special place in my heart, but Β it’s also nice to venture out in England. I have in the past filled my bucket list with all these fantastic places across the water, but I am now stopping and thinking of all those towns and cities I have yet to explore in my home land, up north for example, I need to go to places like the Lake District and Liverpool. So this blog will also tell you all about those lovely places that could be just around the corner from you!

When I go to a new place, trying our the pubs and restaurants its a must for me as I am also a big foodie person, so this this blog will also include some tasty restaurant reviews for you!

I hope you enjoy reading – any questions, head to the contact page πŸ™‚