Neals Yard, London.

I saw this little gem on Pinterest when I searched for unique places to visit in London.

I have frequented our fine capital maaaany times and each time I go I always look for somewhere new to check (which let’s face it, it easy in London).

This cute little square of independent shops and eateries is hidden down a little street near Covent Garden. We got a bit lost getting there but we found it in the end! We didn’t eat anywhere or buy anything, but it was enough for me just to soak up another one of those unique, colourful places that London loves being home to.

neals yard

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Plantation Gardens, Norwich

This will be short and sweet. Those in Norwich will probably know of the Plantation Gardens, especially the students.

It is situated off Earlham Road, just down from the magnificent Roman Catholic Cathedral, and is the exact definition of a ‘hidden gem’.

You turn where the sign says, pay a little honest fee to get in (there was no-one manning it when we were there but we donated) and walk through the trees to this huge opening of flowers, old building ruins and elegant landscaping.

A perfect place to chill in the sun away from the city noises. Need I say more.


Gaywood River

When I think of places to visit and have a wander round in Norfolk, King’s Lynn isn’t one of them. It’s a place to do your shopping, maybe walk down by the docks, and that’s about it. But recently when I was there visiting my brother, we went for a walk and I went somewhere I never thought could be in Lynn!

It’s a little (but actually fairly big) reservoir which combines a forest walk, Gaywood River and a little path all the way to the hospital.

I started the venture at the end of Earsham Drive in Reffley, but if you Google Map it I’m sure you can start in other places.

It is truly one of those special hidden gems. It is a place of tranquil, beauty and escapism that I never, ever, thought existed in a place like King’s Lynn. It was just lovely, but words can only do so much, so here are the photos.

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Colours of Cromer

I’m nearly at the end of my stint working in Cromer, north Norfolk, and each lunch time I have been walking around soaking up the delights it offers.

The pier is obviously one to marvel at, especially on a clear blue day, but what I like to do in any new place is seek out those hidden gems.

While walking around the town I came across these lovely row of coloured terraced houses, and I had to take a picture.


Sometimes when on a trip, it’s the simple things that make it, and this made me smile.

Location: Jetty Street, Cromer