Home Sweet Home, Manchester.

I’m just gonna start by saying that after a 6 hour, traffic jammed, going-the-wrong-way-round-Manchester’s-ring-road, kind of journey…we would have been happy to eat anywhere!

BUT, I am so happy we chose Home Sweet Home because it was bloody fab!


This recommended to me by a friend who found a review of it on What Olivia Did. It is a modern and sleek restaurant and bar with American style food.

We went on a Friday night and got seated straight away (win) and I picked the Chicken in a ‘Basket’ straight away, while Sam had Pulled Pork Pile Up.


It was the perfect amount of food and by god that chicken was the tastiest, most moist chicken I have eaten!

And then we shared a dessert which was a warm cookie, nutella, vanilla ice cream, crushed hazelnuts and toasted marshmallows. MMMM!


It was such an amazing meal to start off a lovely time in Manchester where we watched Russell Howard. I wish I could tell you more about Manchester, but the aforementioned traffic made us quite late and we just grabbed food before the gig and then just spent a few hours at the Trafford Centre before driving home!

Trafford Centre was awesome though – did you know there was a LEGOLAND there?!

Rating: a definite 5/5


Farmyard, St Benedicts.

I always go out for a meal for my birthday, and this year I wanted to make a point of going somewhere I hadn’t been before. And since talking to people I have realised that’s A LOT of places in Norwich!

We were walking down one of my favourite roads (St Benedicts) and stopped mid walk to look at a menu for a new restaurant we noticed. The food sounded amazing, plenty of choice and lots of meat – just what we like.

Farmyard (that has only been open for 6 weeks) offers some lovely dishes which quite literally you’d associate with a farm. It’s modern menu allows you to create your own dish with a choice of main and then many mouth-watering extras to choose from.

These were our fab choices:





Farmyard chocolate bar, Columbian 65%, salted caramel, peanut


I literally couldn’t fault the food. The gravy that was in my pie was to die for, I even asked the waitress what was in it (she didn’t know though, boo) and that chocolate bar was delicious – Sam and I had bets as to whether it was literally a chocolate bar, like a KitKat on a plate or something.

The restaurant itself has a really cool vibe, modern furnishings but with funky copper wire lights and a huge, vibrant mural on one of the walls. It was a good sized place, nice spaced out tables and a kitchen you could see into, which I always love.

A couple of bad points (but not even really that bad); it was nice being able to choose your own extras but they obviously cost and if you want to have a decent plate of food you needed two sides which were about £4 each :/ The ‘organic leaves’ were probably just 1/4 of a bag of salad leaves from Tesco, nice but not £3.

These are just worth noting:

  • there’s very little for vegetarians
  • you will have to google a lot of the menu, for example I had labnah and dukkah and had to google what they were. I know you can ask the waiters but it just delays it if you get told what they are and don’t like it and have to go back to square one
  • if you say it’s your birthday you get a free glass of champagne (pity I don’t drink it!)

Overall rating: 4.5/5


Eaton Park Café.

It was a crisp Sunday morning and me and Sam fancied a walk so we went to have a wander around our local Eaton Park.

I love Eaton Park because it has a cute little boating lake, lovely walks, a sweet little railway and the magnificent bandstand.

This time we stumbled across the café we always knew was there and grabbed a bacon sandwich and a hot chocolate. Continue reading


We spotted this place on our second day in Amsterdam. There were people eating burgers outside and even from a distance they were the best burgers we’d ever seen. We vowed to go back, and we did.

On our last day we stopped for lunch. The place itself is a bare-brick, tiny place with a small counter at the back. It had benches which I reckon could seat 8 people inside and four outside.


I ordered a chicken burger with Dutch goat’s cheese, hoisin tomato sauce with chips. Sam had a chicken burger with old Amsterdam cheese, fried onions, chorizo Mayo with chips. The chicken we both agreed was the most moist chicken I have ever had and hoisin tomato sauce is something I need to have in my kitchen cupboards at all times!

They were such simple burgers but with great meat and clever ingredients it turns simple into amazing.


I would 100% recommend going if you are in Amsterdam, seriously the juiciest burger I have ever eaten and we will be going back (which I told the staff).

My rating: 5/5 for sure.

Burgerlijk, Runstraat, Amsterdam.



The Swan Inn

Me and my partner (Sam) both had a day off so we decided to head somewhere we’d never been, yet is on the door step.

A quick 30 minute drive and we were in the Norfolk Broads in Horning. We were both very hungry so we went straight into a lovely pub that was overlooking the beautiful river with a spectacular array of boats.


Inside it matched the outside with huge wooden beams and vintage, inviting fire places. But when we received our food, it felt like we were in a Michelin star restaurant.

For starters I had lobster, prawn and avocado cocktail and Sam had cheddar and garlic mushrooms with ciabatta bread. I was surprised to see lobster on a menu of what looked like such a modest pub, so that was already impressive for me, and indeed the taste matched that – just lovely.

Next up I had lamb rump with cheese shepherds pie, seasonal veg (carrot, cabbage and brocolli) with a red wine jus, and he had a Wagyu burger with triple cooked chips, bacon and cheese. Now then, weirdly enough the best part of this meal was the veg, not only was it tasty but it was the perfect veg! I am a bit fussy with veg and when they don’t tell you what you are getting you can bet it will be peas (ugh), but nope, the best 3 they could pick! Now then lamb rump AND a shepherds pie sounds like a lot, yes? No, it was the perfect portion and so tasty! Like I was with the lobster, Sam was so impressed to see a Wagyu burger on the menu, for those that don’t know, Wagyu is a very, very, good cut of beef and normally quite expensive (this wasn’t) – so that was very cool to see, and he loved it 🙂

For dessert (the only dish I managed to get a photo of!) I had a simple apple crumble with custard and Sam had a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Two words: both delicious! It’s as simple as that.

To Swan Inn seems to be a lovely, typical British pub by the river but ends up giving you so much more. The view was amazing, the food even better and the service I couldn’t fault. When I visited my parents the next day, I couldn’t praise it or recommend it enough.

My rating: 5 stars.

The Swan Inn, Lower Street, Horning, NR12 8AA